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Foxxglow is a NZ Perfume Brand devoted to women making their dreams come true. In April 2016 Foxxglow started as a Female Entrepreneur Blog, sharing inspirational stories about amazing business women across New Zealand and Australia. We have now grown in to our very own inspirational brand providing on trend perfume to like minded women.

Why have we grown in to a Perfume Brand? You see, magic of perfume is its transformative quality. Feeling down? Roll on a bright citrus and feel a boost. About to go in to a meeting, roll on some confidence. Need to be transported to another time in your life? Perfume can do that. You feel naked without it. It becomes a part of you. This is something that all entrepreneurial women experience on their road to success, business becomes apart of them. It is your life, its your journey and Foxxglow perfume is here to help you remember the moments, to cherish the highs and lift you up during the lows. Foxxglow is, your liquid emotion.



Our mission is to be a global brand known for great quality on trend perfume that also gives back and supports other womens dreams through Business Grants. We don't just want to be known as a business that make and sell perfume. We want to be known as a brand that inspires and motivates aspiring women to make their dreams come true. To provide a community of support and encouragement. After all this is what Foxxglow means, to find a way, to hustle and shine bright like a diamond.



QUALITY: To deliver quality and on trend perfume and to always be providing product innovation.

INSPIRATION: To be present with our customers, to connect and inspire our customers to live the life they want through our content.

MOTIVATION: To act with courage, to challenge the status quo and to show others they can do the same.

CULTURE: To create and provide a culture of belonging and warmth, where everyone is welcome.



Foxxglow hasn't just become a perfume brand, it is so much more than that. The more we grow, we want to help other women in business grow, authenticity and generosity is part of our growth strategy. This is why we will be providing business grants and a big reason why we share inspirational stories, because this journey in entrepreneurship is about us all as a collective, supporting each other along the way, making memories and enjoying the journey.




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Price Range: $9.99 – $74.95

Current Monthly Website Visitors: 1.8k

Demographics: Women aged 20 – 34, income $40,000 +, living in New Zealand or Australia main towns/cities, either have a career or own a business (or on the road to either)

Psychographics: Aspiring career or business oriented, in a career or own a business, women who love to grow professionally and personally, interested in "mindset", in to networking and meeting new people, in to learning, supports likeminded people. Women who love perfume scents, where scents remind them of moments.