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CLOSING DOWN SALE | Shop 30% Off Code: BYE


Our Top Ball Season Survival Tips

We all love a good ball, whether it’s your first ball, or you’re back for another year, the excitement and anticipation leading up to the big night can often make you forget a few things and you don’t want to miss out on what you were hoping to wear and bring, so preparation is key! We have collated our top ball gown rental dresses and who our go to gal is for all things makeup, skin and hair. Get ready for your best ball – ever:

The Dress

Oh Rent Me have all-you-need when it comes to dresses! Seize the day, long traditional ball gowns are a thing of the past, now you can be a ball dress game changer with many attire options to suit every style and body shape. Check out our top picks from Oh Rent Me below:

MARGOT GOWN – PLUM (Designer: Natalie Rolt)

ROYAL GOWN – RED (Designer: Nookie)SATIN SILK CHAMPAGNE – MULTIWAY GOWN (Designer: Sisters The Label)

ALL I WANT IS YOU (Designer: My Keeper)


Beauty, Hair & Makeup

If you have been following us on Instagram for awhile now you will know Kasia is our go-to-gal for all things beauty, hair and makeup.



Head on over to Kasia’s Instagram to start prepping your skin glow with her epic skincare tips, as hydrating your skin pre ball is one necessary step in how your makeup is going to look on the night. So start stocking up on those brightening face masks and Estee Lauder night repair cream asap!

Once you have your skincare down pact, Kasia has some tips and tricks on makeup application, even better if you are a Christchurch local, book her for your upcoming ball, you-wont-regret-it!

When it comes to hair, same goes as for skincare, hydration is key. Start doing some regular hair masks, this is where more expensive hair treatments won’t go astray. If you’re wanting to keep costs at a minimum, Kasia also shows you how to do some beautiful waves.

Last but definitely not least, don’t forget about your tan girls! We recommend Little Honey, a New Zealand Self Tanner. Also one of Kasia’s go-to’s!

All the best for your night babes! May it be magical and full of fun xx

Our Top Ball Season Survival Tips