Eyebrow Tip Guide

We believe Brows are the most important part of your look. They have the ability to make you look younger, slimmer and instantly groomed like you didn’t just get out of bed.

You eyebrows should be thicker around the middle of the brow and gradually taper out towards the ends. If you think they don’t quite look right or you may have plucked them wrong in the past, I’d recommend visiting a brow specialist who will reshape your brow correctly to suit your face shape.

When plucking your own brows, be cautious and go slow. Pluck one or two hairs at a time and check them in the mirror as you go asking yourself if they look right from afar. When plucking above the brow only remove stray hairs, never pluck out your actual brow hairs, this will make your brow lower and your overall look will appear mad or sad, remember brows are meant to “lift” your face mood.            

So, how do I know what shape my brow is meant to look like? Use your eye as a Guide, see below angles; 1, 2 & 3.

Step 1. Using a lip pencil or makeup brush make a line from the edge of your nostril directly up will show where your brow should start.

Step 2. Again use the nostril as a guide to line a straight line through your pupil to where the arch of your brow should sit.

Step 3. Here line from the edge of the nose to the outer corner of the eye to show where your brow should end.

Which Brow Product should I choose?

Brow powders provide for a soft look. Apply with an angle brush to fill any gaps and create definition to the brow. Always choose a colour close to your natural brow colour, or a shade lighter than your hair.

Brow pencils also create a soft, natural look. Apply in feather light strokes to keep it looking natural. Again choose a colour close to your natural brow colour, or a shade lighter than you hair.

There you have it, our Brow Tip Guide. You will notice even a tiny bit of powder or pencil can make an enormous difference.