8 Things to do on Valentines Day with your Girlfriends or Alone

1. Go to the bar with the girls - a few cocktails or shots never hurt anyone.


2. Pamper night in - put on a face mask, do your nails and practise some self love.

3. Watch Magic Mike - this movie will always put a smile on your face.


4. Take a bubble bath with wine - don't forget the wine, it's the most important part of the experience.

5. Cuddle your pets or get a new pet - cute kitties always make you feel loved.

6. Eat cheesecake - no caption required.


7. Get a massage - any kind of massage will do.


8. Watch cooking shows - it's still a cooking show ;)


Hahaha which one do you think you will end up doing? Being alone on Valentines Day seems a whole lot better when your single....