6 Things to do on Valentines Day with your Man

It's Valentines Day this Thursday so we have put together some ideas on what you and your special man can do, just the simple things in life that sometimes don't happen during the week or we just simply are too busy to get to enjoy every now and then.

1. Romantic Picnic - take a blanket and some cushions and head on down to your location park, lake or beach, even if it's just to have a sneaky ice cream, get out and enjoy each others company - without your mobile, ok one pic but then put it away and enjoy each other x

2. Go for a walk - go for a stroll, cuddle, hold hands, breath in the fresh air and talk - about any thing x

3. Get update to date Photos - now this one almost always gets pushed in to the 'we will do that later' basket and before you know it your 5 years older. You will most definitely be happy you took the time to take some professional photos together, and you'll be surprised at how special in the moment photos are. 

4. Candle lit dinner at home - you don't have to leave the house to fuel some romance in to your night in with boyfie. Light some candles, make an extra special meal, sip on some red wine and tell each other how much you love each other.

5. Drive in Movie - not everyone has this in their town but how cool is this! Get out and go to some sort of entertainment night. Have some fun, laughing is so good for the soul!

6. Dress ups at home *wink wink* - Sometimes we go to bed in a baggy tshirt, not tonight ladies! Feeling sexy every now and then doesn't go astray ;)

What ever it is you end up doing we hope you have a lovely fun loving evening x