12 Common Beauty Blunders You've Probably Made

No matter how many YouTube beauty tutorials you've watched or how many times you've sought makeup advice from the sales associate at Sephora (who may not be a contouring expert), everyone has likely committed some of the beauty mistakes listed below.

  1. Choosing a foundation that is too dark or orange for your skin tone... Attempting to achieve a sun-kissed look is great, but using a foundation that doesn't match your actual skin tone can be a giveaway. Overcompensating with layers won't help, especially if blending at the jawline is an afterthought.

  2. Neglecting to use a primer... As Napoleon Perdis would say, 'Not to prime is a crime.' While I was once guilty of this, I've now converted to using a primer, and my skin is reaping the benefits.

  3. Over-plucking eyebrows... Regretfully recalling my overzealous tweezer days, I wonder why I ever thought pencil-thin brows were a good idea.

  4. Attempting to contour and ending up looking like a circus act... We've all tried to replicate those effortless contouring techniques from beauty vloggers, only to end up resembling a circus performer. It's not a pretty sight.

  5. Sleeping or working out with a face full of makeup... Quick ticket to acne-town and dull skin? Leaving your makeup on during sleep or exercise. Bad habits, babe.

  6. Applying dry shampoo without blending... The early days of dry shampoo saw people spraying it like hairspray, resulting in a desperate attempt to rub in the white powder. Today, a common faux pas is using the wrong colour, leaving blondes with a brunette tinge.

  7. Turning a cat eye into raccoon eyes... Smudging eyeliner in an attempt to salvage a messed-up cat eye usually ends up creating a raccoon look—not in a cute way.

  8. Curling lashes after applying mascara... Forgetting to curl lashes before applying mascara leads to a less-than-natural curl and the risk of pulling out lashes. Ouch.

  9. Straightening not fully dry hair... The sound and steam emanating from straightening damp hair is a clear indication that this is a no-no. Technically, you're burning your hair, and going too far might result in breakage.

  10. Going overboard with highlighter... A little glimmer is great, but too much highlighter can turn you into the tin man. A subtle application is all you need.

  11. Painting over old nail polish... Chipped nail polish is a pain, but applying a fresh coat over old polish rarely goes unnoticed. Guilty, anyone?

  12. Excessive blush/bronzer... Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to blush and bronzer. 

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