5 Binge Worthy Netflix Series

SUITS – E-v-e-r-y single person should know about Suit’s, I mean one of the old main characters did marry the Prince of England after all! Suit’s has got to be one of the most addictive series. The American legal drama set at a fictional law firm in New Your City showcases Mike, a talented college dropout who starts working as a law associate for Harvey, despite ever attending law school but had sat the L stats for maannnnny law students for some extra dosh, he def knew his stuff! Sit back and watch Mike and Harvey close drama filled deals while also maintaining Mikes secret. oooOoo.

SHAMELESS – A comedy-drama set in south side Chicago depicts the poor, dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher, a drunk single Dad of six children. Frank being drunk most days, all day and searching for his next misadventure means his children basically learn to fend for themselves, literally. The series showcases how Franks alcoholism and behaviour affects his family, what it is like living in poverty and how it doesn’t matter where you are from, you can learn to pave your own journey once you learn to stop self sabotaging like your father. Sounds a bit depressing, I know, but it truely is one to watch. It’s funny, can be sad, reflects things that really happens in peoples lives and keeps you wanting more as you never know what is going to happen next or how long the good times are going to last. It is about one of those families that just oose drama, it follows them, it latches on and has a good old time, yeah you don’t want to be involved, but you’ll definitely watch!

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER – In this drama series, Annalise Keating, a law professor at a Philadelphia University hires five students for her private practice every year, this year she entwines them in a murder plot. This drama filled series keeps you on your toes, I can’t really say much else or I’ll give it all away. Think… Murder Mystery board game… Basically if you love twists and turns, have gone to uni, are a uni student and love sitting on the edge of your seat, you will want to binge watch this one. Just make sure you don’t start watching the day before an assignment is due!

QUEEN OF THE SOUTH – I think I’m starting to see a trend here! Haha – Series about fighting the law but also breaking the law at the same time… Hmmm.. This series, oh boy I’m itching for the next series to come out!! A crime drama and an epic boss babe series showing you if you really want it, you WILL get it no matter what and no one will get in your way. Teresa Mendoza, a poor woman from Mexico becomes ridiculously wealthy by building a vast drug empire, starting out as a drug mule (but not actually wanting to be one – goes to show bad boys can really change your lives girls!!) she becomes the woman she needs to be to 1. survive and 2. become some thing she never thought she would ever be able to become in her life.

YOU – We all want a loving boyfriend, right!? A boyfriend that will do absolutely anything for us, awwhh sweeeet! Well maybe not to this extent, oh god! This psychological thriller showcases Joe, a New York bookstore manager who falls in love with a customer, Guinevere and quickly becomes obsessed (slight understatement) with her. Joe feeds his toxic obsession with Eve by using social media and sneaky technology to track her e-v-e-r-y move and removes obstacles to their romance in more ways than one, yikes!

Happy Weekend Binge Watching Babes xx

5 Binge Worthy Netflix Series